Gary Roccaro of Maximum Quality Foods

Gary Roccaro of Maximum Quality Foods Review

Report Filed: Gary Roccaro of Maximum Quality Foods Gary Roccaro Thief, Liar, Fraud, Crook, Bully, Dishonest, Con-Artist, Swindler, Deceptive Linden, New Jersey!!

I’m posting this report so that anyone in the restaurant business will not have to go through the hell that GARY ROCCARO and MAXIMUM QUALITY FOODS put me through! This company is an absolute FRAUD! It’s rotten and corrupt from the top down! Starting with the owner, GARY ROCCARO and all the way down to their sales team! My small business has been victimized, bullied, abused and defrauded by this $400 million dollar a year company! Their greed, theft and deceptive business practices have all but bankrupted my business! I’m the owner of a small restaurant. We started using Maximum Quality Foods as our food service provider. We had been using them for about 3 months when the red flags started to pop up. – First we started being billed for product we never received. We brought this to the attention of our sales rep. He said it was a mistake and promised to credit the account. The credit NEVER MATERIALIZED! – Then we started receiving late notices on bills that had been paid in full. We brought this to the attention of the billing department. They claimed they never received payment. We had bank records of the checks being deposited to prove otherwise! They still insisted they didn’t receive the money. – Then we started noticing we were being billed for product being shipped to other restaurants. We brought this to the attention of our sales rep and his sales manager. Again they claimed it was a mistake and promised to credit our account! The credit NEVER MATERIALIZED! The situation continued to get worse and worse. It got to the point that Maximum Quality Foods was demanding payment on $20,000 worth of product that we had either already paid for, had never received or had been shipped to other restaurants! In another strange twist…we found out that our sales rep, Gary Lite had been ARRESTED for stealing over $100, 000 from his Maximum Quality Foods customers in a ponzi scheme of sorts. He was stealing items off the delivery trucks, selling them for cash and billing his customers for it. He was also taking customer payments and depositing them into his personal bank account! Knowing all of this….Gary Roccaro, the owner of Maximum Quality Foods, still insisted that payment be made to his company by all the restaurant his employees had stolen from! Gary Roccaro and Maximum Quality Foods even went to the extent of filing lawsuits against anyone who contested these fraudulent bills! He is now suing dozens of restaurants for product they never received or had already paid for! Everyone from the sales manager to the billing department was well aware of the fraud being committed LONG BEFORE the salesman was ever arrested. The company chose to ignore, lie, plead ignorance and cover it up rather than take action. They allowed this ponzi scheme to go on for MONTHS! All along demanding payment for product they were fully aware wasn’t being received by their customers! Gary Roccaro and Maximum Quality Foods took advantage of many small businesses. They used there power and resources to bully the little guy! They put many small businesses in financial jeopardy through greed, lies, dishonest business practices and poor supervision of their employees! Rather than accept responsibility for their actions or lack their of, Maximum Quality Foods decided to continue to spin a web of lies and deceit and pawn off liability, financial and otherwise on their unsuspecting customers! WILL YOU BE THE NEXT VICTIM OF MAXIMUM QUALITY FOODS AND GREEDY GARY ROCCARO? GARY ROCCARO IS A LIAR AND A CROOK! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MAXIMUM QUALITY FOODS!

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