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Report Filed: Gateway Financial Solutions violated my rights Michigan!!

Oct 19th 2015 I was unable to my car payment in full. I explained my circumstances , and made arrangements on how I could pay the $465 payment. I was told to gather certain information , and fax it over….to basically show proof that the income I usually receive did not come through like usual. Well, the representative threatened to turn the vehicle off. Well, I had to cancel my kids appt, and turn around because I didn’t want to be stranded with my kids away from home. To finish up the exhausting story I received a phone call from the finance company around 5pm , and the representative left a message, but wasn’t detsiled, so I returned the call around 7pm the same day…..well, I was told that my arrangements that I made was not granted, and the representative called my NEW job that I just started, and questioned the employee about my paydays….I was confronted on the phone that I had to pay the rest of the car note by Oct 22,2015 because she called my job, and know when I get paid, and she wants the remaining $200 by the 23rd of Oct. How upsetting this is to violate me like this…I want justice.

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