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Geek Live Support Review

Report Filed: Geek Live Support Number is SPOOFED. Scam artists that make you believe it’s Geek Support Live New York New York!!

These people steal your identity, access your computer through very deceptive means. They say they are connected to Geek Support Live and this is a spoofed number. They have gotten ALL my identity info and hacked my computer, turned off McFee and should be caught and put in jail. Once again…HEAVY middle eastern accent and not only they steal your LIFE you PAY for it. I have lost almost $200 and they call EVERY year to manipulate your computer. DO NOT TRUST !!!!!! Through People Verified there are currently only 10 complaints but assume there are many who did not research them! I had to buy the real Geek Support Live to get all unwanted BS off my computer and protect it.

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