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Report Filed: Geico Auto Ins. Geico Auto telling Lies again! Internet!!

On 10/12/2009, I called my Geico Auto Ins. Co. to cancel my policy. My preimum was getting higher and higher. However, when I callled to cancel the rep. ask several questions. First they ask why do I wish to cancel; I gave my reason due to excessive premiums. They said all insurance companies have the same rates across the board for all the perks that I am getting. Their response was due to the the information given I had 5 Accident in the past five years. I was SHOCK! I’ve had only 3 accidents and they were all cause due to the other driver. a.) running a stop sign, b.) tracker at a red light merges to the right and crash into the rear driver side. c.) a truck merges over at a toll both an never stop which crash into the driver side door of my 3mo. old 2006 Chevy, Finally, in the parking lot of my job a delivery truck back into the hood of my car. I put in a claim for the lot inncident and than canceled the claim and paid out of pocket. So I ask the rep were did he get this information from…he responded from Me. To make a long story short I tried to tell them that my friend purchase the car and on the night of the purchase, when appling insurance they ran his license and regisration instead of mine. I return home and call to correct the misinformation and was told that it has been corrected. My friends keep saying that my auto insurance should not be that high. I was called a liar and he (the rep) got very nasty. I was paying 2500.00 a year on a 2006 Chevy Cobalt. Finally, I found a insurance company that had the same perks and I paid 1600.00 less. I was a happy camper. Please research all auto insurance companies before purchasing and STAY AWAY FROM GEICO. The little green guy is cute, but not for that amount of money. They are full of it!!!

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