George Senda /Piersonassociates1

George Senda /Piersonassociates1 Review

Report Filed: George Senda /Piersonassociates1 The Guy From Pittsburgh. Falkie, Anthony George Senda, Ebay Scam artist!!

George Senda has scammed people on ebay and youtube. He has sold a toy claiming it to be Legos, however upon further inspection it was Gigos.u00a0 Instead of being appolegetic and working with the buyer to rectify the issue George became beliggerent and stated it wasn’t his fault because he hadn’t seen a lego in years.r r George then tried to claim the item wasn’t sent back to him despite him showing the item had been on his youtube videos.u00a0 George is currently selling a ticket to an event, AlienCon at close to full price despite the fact that the event is over.u00a0 George is trying to scam unsuspecting, innocent people and should be avoided. DO not do business with George or his account PiersonAssociates1 on ebay.u00a0 George Senda is a fraud.

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