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Giuffre Hyundai Dealership Review

Report Filed: Giuffre Hyundai Dealership are dishonest crooks, and professional conmen. They manipulated me into believing that I could lease a vehicle that I could not afford. They lied to me and took advantage of me. Brooklyn New York!!

Giuffre dealerships are dishonest crooks, and professional conmen. They prey on people who are not knowledgeable about dealerships. They manipulated me and took advantage of my lack of knowledge. Do not buy vehicles from them they will con you into believing that you can afford the vehicle, falsify documents to their needs to convince the finance company that you are eligible for the loan, when they know that you are not. They have no mercy and will stop at nothing to destroy innocence people. On 7/29/08 my mother and I went into the dealership to purchase a used car. I saw this car that I like and I wanted to purchase it but my mother kept insisting that the car was too much for me and I cannot handle it. She said that I cannot afford the car, but I really wanted the car, and the dealership knew that I wanted the car, and they asked me a few questions and told me that I have zero credit and the only way I could purchase the car is to use my mother’s credit so that the bank will approve it. They asked my mother how much does she make a month before taxes, but they never asked for any proof of our annual salaries. My mother kept saying over and over that I cannot handle it and she is not comfortable with it. But the Finance manager Reggie kept telling me that I he believes that I can handle it with the help of my mother. He kept encouraging me that it is do able, with my mother’s help. While my mother and I were kind of arguing about the situation the Finance Manager put several documents in front of my mother and said I need you to sign here and here and my mother signed the papers but she did not want to do it. My mother does not have a license but yet the dealership set it up so that everything falls under my mother’s name. Everything happened so fast. When we went home my mother said that something does not feel right, and she has nothing but remorse. My mother told me that I should call the dealership and tell them that I cannot afford the car and I am returning the car. I called the dealership the next day on 7/30/08, and they gave me a hard time. We tried to return the car for two weeks, it was frustrating. Finally my mother called the finance company that finance the loan and she spoke to two of the representatives and explained the situation. My mother said that she wants to voluntary surrender of the vehicle. One of the representatives called the dealership and told them that my mother is voluntary surrendering the vehicle and will be returning the car today, which was on 8/11/08. The finance manager Reggie said OK. My mother cannot drive so she asked one of my friends to drive the vehicle to the dealership. He parked the vehicle on the lot, and my mother called the finance company back to confirm that they returned the vehicle, and the representative said that she will send an agent to pick up the car. So much has happen from 07/29/08 until now. The dealership apparently parked the car on the street to make it look like the car was abandoned. There are several summonses on the car and the car was eventually picked up and put in the police pond. We are having a lot a trouble with this situation. My mother’s credit is probably destroyed because of this. I want the public to know just how dangerous the Giuffre Hyundai dealership is so that this does not happen to them. Please do not buy cars from them. Shabia Bronx, New YorkU.S.A.

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