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Report Filed: Glass Protection Services, Inc Tony Davis Infidels Warning warning warning , Internet!!

Infidels Warning warning warning warning warning warning Glass Protection Services, Inc and Tony Davis and business partner Joe Di Ruscio are robbers, infidels. My name is Mohammad, I did business with a Toronto company that claims to sell Israeli safety film called Hanita Coatings. [email protected] In my research I see that this Florida and Toronto company sells into Arab countries in the GCC/ME. One of those companies is Glass Protection Services. They hide the buying and selling (trading) behind the name Al-Sorag of Israel, ( they are a major sales force for Israeli products. That is why Hanita Coatings says they do not do business with Glass Protection Solutions also called Protect My Glass and the numbered company is 1644694 Ontario Limited. Warning, stay away from these infidel lovers of yhwh. I encourage all my Muslim Brothers to ban this company and report them to government officials. Go to Linkin and see for yourself that Tony Davis is a liar and not to be trusted, he is a friend of Joe Di Ruscio. He does business in a dishonest way. They sometimes call the company madico. Careful, Joe sells madico too. He is a thief. Tony Davis is linkin to Joe Di Ruscio of Toronto, Ontario and many more of our Muslim brothers are being fooled by him. Stay away from these robbers. They stole $3,000 from me. They use Israeli film that is no good. Apex is an honest man. For three weeks my son Walli tried to get technical information from Joe Di Ruscio and they never email us or mail us a copy. BMAG (Blast Mitigation Action Group) Level 1, 2 & 3 GSA (Government Services Administration) Level 1 & 2 ULC (Underwriters Laboratory Canada) Burglary Resistance CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Burglary Resistance ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) E84 Surface Burning and Flame Spread ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z97.1 They advertize these testings but no proof. What kind of business they run? On their web site they tell you that soon the technical information will be advertized. Liars, scam men. I dont have a Guaranty document either. Brothers, Sisters stand up and take notice, these men are all liars. Mohammad

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