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Report Filed: GMP Cars Outrageous Overcharging Novato California!!

I had been having my vehicles serviced by Art Yee, owner of Excellsior Auto Clinic for over 30 years. Art retired and sold the business. The new owners and their lead guy Richard will rip you off bigtime if you are not careful. I recnetly had new tires put on the car. The price for the tires was competitive, but what they charged me for mounting the tires on the rim and an allignment for my Subaru OUtback wagon was beyond an outrage. Aside from $130 to mount and balance 4 tires as being an outrage I almost fell over when they charged me $280 for an alignment. I spoke with two Subaru dealerships and three ndependent repair shops and the range of prices from those 5 other places was between $89.00 and $120.00. Nobody believed me when I told them I was charged $280.00 for an alignment. I told George an employeed there for decades, that I had to move on and why. These new owners and their employees will rip you off if given a change. I am now in search for a new mechanic to service my vehicles.

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