Goodhue Co. Court, Judge Clark

Goodhue Co. Court, Judge Clark Review

Report Filed: Goodhue Co. Court, Judge Clark Deprivation of Parenting #2 Red Wing, Minnesota!!

I have had the unfortunate event of crossing paths with JUDGE CLARK… he is bias, unfair, and rules his court ad he desires. I wish I could say it was a gender issue, however equality fits!Soo much intentional and willful deprivation, documented n otherwise & its the children suffering n left without the mother they grew up with… No order compliance here is needed as long as you have good ol’ JUDGE CLARK in your back pocket!Someone really needs to take a look at his cases, current and past, because Goodhue Co. Doesn’t seem to be doing soo well with this new Judge .. Motions after motions are being denied without just cause & HE doessn’t enforce his own order.JUDGE CLARK seems to be going through the motions on some of his cases, instead of upholding the law he gets paid $130k for & meanwhile lives are in disarray waiting for someone to stop the DEPRIVATION OF PARENTING that Judge Clark allows…

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