Goodyear Review

Report Filed: Goodyear On 9/29/12 arrived to have an oil chg, diagnosis oil pan leak needed replacing $379.52 also suggested I should have a higher grade oil which I excepted. on the way home sensor light came on I call (G Walnut Creek, California!!

On 9/29/12 On 9/29/12 arrived to have an oil change, l diagnosis was oil gasket needed replacing $379.52, also suggested higher grade oil would be best I excepted, on the way home the sensor light appeared, I called Good Year was told to bring in the car needs a sensor so you dont worry about it coming on. $119.71 left to go home the car started idling and stopping when I put my foot on the break I would have to restart the car, the next day I decided to take the car to a reliable shop which I use to go to before I moved to Walnut Creek for an inspection the manager ran a compression test , now I need to replace 2 cylinders they may have to crack open the engine and if I need a new engine it will cost me about 2,000. (I trust this dealer ship, there was no pressure) this is what he found after the test. help!!! Yolanda Pinole, Ca.

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