GoSkate Review

Report Filed: GoSkate Rob Dufney, Steve Seminara & Zak Kraft. Michael and Mathew Instructors, Ohio Instructors GoSkate is a Scam. Sounds like they have fake accents, on occasion the same person disguises his voice. You get fake confirmation call. pertending one person is a sales rep and the other is an instructor Internet!!

GoSkate.com is a SCAM…wonder how this Rob Dufney gets away with it. Should be doing time behind bars. I found him on FaceBook and all his other accomplices, his nationally known instructors are sitting in the same office, probably your basement Rob. How do you people live with yourrselves. Ripping people off. Most valuable way to stay safe from credit card fraud is to have credit card protection. Everything said on this Rip Off Report about GoSkate is the same situation between all Consumers. With enough of these reports something will get done. Can’t keep scamming for ever, it will catch up to you Rob, Zach, Steve..i think its one person with alot of identities. I was impressed with the accent too. So what if i stood in my drive with my daughter, in her skate gear with her board waiting for your pretend instructor. I did get to spend some quality time seeing what she did know, pretty impressive she was. Who needs you. I definitley dont and neither did my 11 year old daughter. A valuable lesson she learned “trust No one”” even a voice on the phone or a website. What i do know for sure is this will come back to you and your crew ten fold

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