Got all Auto Bay City Michigan

Got all Auto Bay City Michigan Review

Report Filed: Got all Auto Bay City Michigan Left stranded. 4 transmissions later and still not one single working one Bay City Michigan!!

It has been an absolute nightmare dealing with this company. I have had to buy 3 cases of transmission fluid for four different transmissions and none of them were operable. At one point it took 2 months to get a replacement for one that left me stranded 4 hours away from home. Their rebuilt/remanufactured transmissions are a joke. They do the bare minimum to repair anything and tell you it’s quality and take your money and than don’t want to give you what they owe you back when you ask for a refund. It’s been nothing but lies and run around since I started dealing with them and unfortunately it’s not going to get any better. They refuse to give me my money back and it looks like we will be taking them to court for a full refund plus cost of the trouble it has caused and money that they have cost me from being useless transmissions constantly. 4 transmissions later and had to get another company to do a transmission that would actually work. Smh. I will never recommend this place to anyone and hope that more people come forward with problems if they have had issues like this. Ready to be done with them and have the right amount refunded to me

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