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Report Filed: GPS Hospitality Georgianna K. Ingram shortchanged me and tried to suppress Constitutional rights Atlanta Georgia!!

I have already filed two ripoffscamss in regards to this matter: and Both are similar, but the second one focuses more on the highly unprofessional district manager, Mr. Charles Colbert, whom thought it was hilarious when I threatened to sue Burger King. GPS Hospitality is the company that owns the Burger King location in question in the two above-mentioned Ripoff Scamss. GPS Hospitality owns a large number of fast food restaurants throughout the United States. The company are primarily franchise owners of Burger King and Popeye’s locations. On Monday, September 24, 2018 I had sent a two-page letter of demand to the CT Corporation, registered agent for Burger King corporation via first-class mail. The letter described what had transpired between the Burger King managers at the location in question, including a lady representing herself as the main manager for the location. I also described the highly unprofessional attitude of Mr. Charles Colbert, district manager for the local Burger King locations. Not only was Mr. Charles Colbert defensive of the unprofessional managers’ actions but he busted out laughing when I finally told him I would take the matter to court since he was refusing to refund the $11 I was shortchanged. On Tuesday, October 9, 2018 I received a response from Ms. Georgianna K. Ingram, risk manager, of GPS Hospitality. Below is her response: “Burger King Corporation has forwarded to GPS your intent to sue as we are the owner/operator of this restaurant. I will be handling this matter going forward. We will be reimbursing you the $11 you stated was missing from your change. In order to do so

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