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Report Filed: Hamilton Radiator ripoff This company will rob you blind! Peterborough Ontario!!

This company will rob you blind! I took my Ford Bronco in to have the AC tested. They called me later in the day to say it was going to cost me $1500 to have it fixed. I was told it needed a new compressor, new belts, new hoses, new dryer. I was blown away at this and said absolutely not. I’d rather drive with out AC then pay that amount. Well a couple of weeks later I took the truck into another shop and asked them to kindly test the AC. I was fortunate that the mechanic testing it has been around a long time doing just that. Well he eventually came to me and indicated that all that it needed was a new “O”” ring and a recharge which came to $125.80. I called Hamilton Radiator after this was fixed and told them what I thought of their business practices. I was told that they only try and make sure things are working good. No way

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