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Report Filed: Harbro Har-Bro breach contract theft lie fraud lack responsibility slow uncommunicable rude San Diego California!!

Back in July of 2013 my house burnt down with only the exterior walls and garage remaining. There were many offers by companies to rebuild the house, but we went with Har-Bro because they had promised to quickly rebuild the house, about six months, and that the undamaged items would be safely moved to a warehouse until building was completed. None of these promises were kept. It is now a Nov. 30th, a period of over four months, and close to no work has been done on the house. The windows are still shattered and the roof has not been added on which remain the first fixes to the house they promise to do. Worse yet the items that were promised to be kept safe have been stolen. They include a brand new deep freezer, a very nice washer/ dryer pair, and many books and DVDs. These items were all locked in the house meaning the only way for them to have been stolen would have been if someone had the keys to the house as there is no sign of breaking and entering. We have brought up to several employees of Har-Bro including the head of the San Diego division are concerns about the theft and lack of work. They rarely respond and when they do it is in an agressive way suggesting that we are at fault even though it was part of the agreement that they would keep these large and difficult to store items safe within the garage. They now want to terminate the contract and get paid for full work despite breaching the contract and doing very little work.

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