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Report Filed: Helderberg Exotic Cats Mike and Svetlana CORONA VIRUS East Berne New York!!

I purchased a siamese cat from Mike and Svetlana.His facility smelled of very powerful urine.Yet his cats were beautiful.So I took a leap of faith and took one of the female Siamese cats home.The trip home was 5 hours and the kitten started sneezng in the car, although I had her in a blanket.I own a 15 year old Ragdoll and A Siamese cat that is 11. Afer a few days home with the kitten,the other two cats became deathly ill.I took them to Red Bank emergency room to see what could be done.They were not eating or drinking at this point.They needed fluid under the skin nausea shots,antibiotics and a medication to get them eating.Today is October 3 2015. Our cats are still sick and have been diagnosed with Corona virus brought in from Mike and Svetlana’s kitten they sold us. We had to take them to the vet at least 15 times and every night again to get fluids under the skin. I am quite sure that Mike and Svetlana are well aware that they are selling very sick cats to the public. I have now spent 6500.00 on the new kitten and the cats I had, at the vet.I have addressed these issues with Mike who was not concerned at all!! He offered to take the kitten back,yet could care less about the heartache and money we have spent on the sick cat that he sent us home with and the disease that was trasferred from his kitten to our cats. I recommend anyone reading this report contact me, if you are even considering purchasing a cat from these people.If you decide to purchase a kitten from them,get ready to spend thousands of dollars trying to cure the kitten,and it will have a disease forever possibly turning into FIP and dying.The end result is my cats are all still very sick after weeks of treatment. There is simply no end to this horrible illness. NEVER PURCHASE A CAT FROM THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE.

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