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Report Filed: Help-4-homes steve Solimanto forgery, fraud, deception, theft, identity theft, ripoff Lake George New York!!

After divorce I was expecting division of assets. But to my surprise my equity in my home was swindled away by michael solimanto and steve solimanto who deeded the home valued at 350-400k to a trust by means of forgery. By signing my name they transfered my assets to themselves! all with notary stamps! The ammount is about 200,000.00 which I was not paid one red cent! The bal on the home was a paltry 24,000.00! which leave 325k to 375k equity! All while they sit back and enjoy life at my expense. If any one can direct me to the right place to lodge complaints I would be very greatful. Sometimes you do not know peoples true intentions. It is a sad day when you can’t trust people anymore without getting scammed or defrauded. I am currious to see how many house deals my equity that was stolen has financed. A mother defrauded and left in the street without any compensation! outright theft. pending court case filed against them my own son in collusion with my ex moved the home ownership to his son with my forged signature. while they live in the home free and clear. Shaen queensbury, New YorkU.S.A.

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