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Hendrick Auto Grooup Review

Report Filed: Hendrick Auto Grooup Hendrick BMW of Charlotte, Hendrick BMW of Hickokry (both of North Carolina) On reporting a warning on the dash, Service manager urged me to drive appx 90 miles to Charlotte BMW for immediate service. The vehicle went about 10 miles and the engine blew up whiile I was still on Charlotte & Hickory, North Carolina!!

Sept 11, at 2:01 I called Hickory BMW while driving northward on I-77 around the town of Columbia. The service manager explained that the warning light that I was experencing at the moment meant the battery was not being charged and that the vehicle (2003 X-5 BMW with less than 60,000 miles), so not to stop as the engine may not start due to low juice in the battery. He first urged me to continue to Hickory, about two hours further up the route we were to take to get to our destination at Blowing Rock. After five minutes of talk, he then suggested we stop at Charlotte BMW (same ownership group), and gave me their phone number. Five minutes into the conversation with Charlotte service manager (so he said) the engine blew up. We continued (in a tow truck) to Charlotte, were given a loaner, and then into the following week I was told the engine was completely shot and needed to be replaced. Several days later we picked up the vehicle and was presented with a bill for $12,577.24. Some days later in reading the operations manual I discovered that of all the possible warning lights, the one in question (a red battery symbol) is the only warning that means TO STOP IMMEDIATELY. Had I been given that information instead of urgeing me to continue to drive (90 miles to Charlotte) the only damage would have been a water pump and a belt. Hendrick’s BMW has, I have learned, issued a warning bullitin to all their service personnel and to BMW in general that any6 report of such a warning is to be countered with the words STOP IMMEDIATELY. A bit late for me however… I feel I am a victim of a major rip off and should not be obliged to pay for the new engine. Also, the work was done without a written estimate from the service people even though I was in constant contact with them before and after the problem occurred.

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