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High Desert Harley-Davidson Review

Report Filed: High Desert Harley-Davidson Service work recommended and performed with Harley-Davidson parts resulted in a voided extended warranty claim over $5000 Meridian, Idaho!!

In April of 2006 I took delivery of a 2006 FLHRSI Road King Custom and in February 2007 I purchased a big bore (88-95) kit through the High Desert Harley-Davidson/Buell service department and a set of 203 cams which were installed by Dennis Erhart at that time. I specifically asked whether the upgrade would have any bearing on my extended service plan which I purchased for $2,195 and I was told it would be fine, not to worry about it. I would not have done the upgrade if I thought it would jeopardize my warranty in ANY way. The bike had less than 2000 miles on it when we did the upgrade. All the parts were ordered right out of the catalog at High Desert Harley Davidson and I was told Youll love these 203 cams, man. If youre going to do a big bore, youd be missing out unless you upgrade the cams. There was considerable, additional conversation along the lines of the performance/power improvement I would experience. On August 18th, 2010 I was commuting home from work to Idaho Falls and noticed the oil light was staying on. I stopped the bike immediately and checked the oil which was full. I then started the bike just to listen there was a clatter going on. I turned it off, called for a tow truck and had the bike brought to Grand Teton Harley-Davidson/Buell in Idaho Falls. The morning of August 19, 2010, I submitted my warranty paperwork and had Grand Teton service investigate. They told me the oil pump had failed and scattered debris through the engine causing extensive damage. The claim was submitted and denied. I had the motorcycle repaired at my own expense, for $5,040.64. Later I learned it was not conclusive the oil pump was the cause of failure, and the mechanic stated that the inner cam bearing came apart scattering metal and causing the damage. The inner cam bearing is a stock part on the engine. Grand Teton service manager contacted High Desert Harley-Davidson/Buell and asked if they wanted to work with me before this gets ugly. They said they wanted nothing to do with the issue. I think due to the statements, intent, and actions of the High Desert Harley-Davidson/Buell Service department in Feb. 2007, that they are fully liable for all repair costs. I have requested reimbursement for the full amount, payable immediately. I enclosed a copy of the original big bore receipt for service listing the parts High Desert Harley Davidson ordered and installed along with the extended service companys denial of claim and the final invoice from Grand Teton Harley-Davidson for the extensive repair along with this demand letter to the owner, Mr. David Thomas.. If this letter of demand is not answered within 14 days, or it is answered denying reimbursement, I will seek reimbursement through Idaho Small Claims. They have four more days to respond.

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