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Report Filed: Hightech Information System HIS Broken Promises Sunnyvale, California!!

This all started when I went to build a new computer. I purchased all my parts and decided to buy a radeon 5870 graphics card. Next I figured the best step was to look up different brands of video cards. I noticed that HIS was one of the brands someone had listed. This is where the nightmare begins. I assembled my computer correctly as I have done it multiple times. Everything was fine until about 5 months. The card started to glitch up bad with black lines and it automatically downsized to a different resolution upon start up. I called tech support and they said it was a firmware problem. I figured ok no problem I must have gotten a faulty card it happens to everyone. Next I proceed to call the RMA department to try and get this matter resolved as quick as possible. Turns out HIS outsources there RMA to a company called Lexypacific Corp. I called the office and they helped me fill the RMA information out on the sheet. I sent the package off to their office on the 23rd of August 2010. They emailed me saying they got the package on the 30th of August 2010. It said on the site please allow 2-4 weeks from the date we recieve it. Patientaly waiting they send me an email at the end of the 3rd week on the 22nd of September. They said that they could not replace the item with the model I had but a different model of the same card. I was disappointed to hear that because there was a certain reason I bought the model I did because of how the power pins were located on the card. Disgusted as the lady told me she would find out never told me anything. So I called her asking if she could just send me the card model they offered. She said yes let me send you an email confirming. I agreed to recieve the other model they wanted to send. I kept calling to see what the progress was for two weeks. I kept getting the same response we do not know of anything because the factory hasn’t sent them any information. Finally I called and they responded. They said that they should be recieving a shipment of cards on either Oct. 8th or Oct. 11th. I called today and they said that they have encountered a problem with the shipment. The cards were intercepted by customs at the airport. I then questioned him so how much more time do you expect this to take. He said it should take two days for them to get through customs and then 3 more days for them to recieve the package. Today is October 11th and it has been 6 weeks since they promised to get me my video card. I am writing this to express warning dealing with this company. I am highly upset and do not believe any company should have the standards and practice that this company does. I again warn you all do not deal with HIS or Lexycorp.

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