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Hills Well Drilling Review

Report Filed: Hills Well Drilling Randy Hill Took the Money and Ran Leland, North Carolina!!

I contracted Hills Well Drilling Company in July 2011 to drill a shallow well for irrigation purposes. Randy Hill was to complete the installation, hook up and electrical wiring to the irrigation system. He never completed the job, even though he was paid in full. There are live wires lying on the ground, as well as in the pump house where water is dripping due to the pipes not being completely sealed. There has already been one that has burst. There are numerous exposed pipes that have not been buried. The wiring that is open to the elements has become stripped, and are sparking. The pipes connected to the irrigation were not insulated or covered. They are lying on the ground near the wiring.Not only was the job not completed, the well and pump have never worked properly from the beginning. The pump is not holding pressure, even when using a single garden hose. I was told there was a year guarantee on all services, yet no one will return my calls or come out to finish the job. These are the times I have attempted to contact them:08-12-2011: Called to report the well was not holding pressure, and inquire as to when the work would be completed. Was told Randy would be out the next day. He never came.08-14-2011: Left message asking when Randy was planning on coming. Did not hear back.08-15-2011: Left another message, no response.08-15-2011: My irrigation company left messages reiterating the need for proper pressure tomaintain the sprinklers for my newly planted sod. My irrigation company was also told the piping would be buried and sealed and did not know why this had not been done. They never received a response.08-16-2011: I left a message, no response.08-24-2011: Called but it just rang and rang.08-31-2011: My father called, (previous owner of the home the well was drilled at) and spoke withsomeone who said Randy would call back in 15 minutes. He never returned the call.09-09-2011: I called and left a message, no response.09-10-2011: I Called and spoke with someone, was told Randy would call me back and complete the job.09-11-2011: I hired another well drilling company to come out and look at the well. They said it was not holding pressure due to the pipes not being sealed properly and that it needed to be pulled up,resealed and buried. The wiring was dangerous and it needed to be replaced before a fire started.09-13-2011: Randy called, (a month later) and said he would come out the following weekend. Henever came.09-27-2011: I called and left a message stating that they had three days to return my call,come out to complete the job, and follow though on the warrantee. I told them this was the last time Iwould contact them before taking further action. No response.These are the monies that have been paid:250.00- payment for labor for installing pump to shallow well, and connecting it to the irrigation system.500.00- payment for pump 850.00- payment for drilling shallow well450- final labor payment for connecting the pump to the well, burying all pipes and wires, and electrically wiring it in the pump house to the existing electrical outlets.This company has been a nightmare from the beginning. They never asked me where my septic tan was, therefore drove their drilling truck into it. This was after I had just spent $500 resealing and covering it. They left their truck sitting in the middle of my yard halfway in the septic tank for over 18 hours without covering anything up, or even flagging the dangerous areas around it. When I asked them to repair it, they said the person driving the truck didnt have insurance so they couldnt pay for it. They later stated that they had asked me if I had a septic tank and I had said no. Why would I lie about my septic tank when I had just spent $500 on it? They never asked me where anything was before they drove up into my yard.Not only do the well and pump not produce the pressure they were guaranteed for, they have become a danger. I have lost hundreds of dollars in newly planted sod, due to the pump for thewell not being installed correctly. I am now faced with expensive repairs if the exposed pipes freeze thiswinter, or the wiring strips to the point of a fire.

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