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Report Filed: Honda of Katy T.J. in Finance and Tiffany Lively, Alex Sansango Dishonest liers Katy Texas!!

Honda of Katy are a bunch of crooks. Do not buy a car there, especially their finance person TJ. We purchased a car from Honda of Katy on November 7, 2014. My husband told them from the beginning we were not financing through Honda because I had been pre-approved by my credit union to pay for the car. We needed a purchase contract to give to the credit union so they could create the payoff check. Initially they asked for a copy of my driveru2019s license because the car we traded in was just under my name and the financing through the credit union was just under my name. The car was purchased on Friday, Nov. 7th, the first contract they filled out only had my husbandu2019s name, the second contract they filled out, my last name was wrong and finally the third contract was correct. As soon as I received the corrected contract on Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014 I immediately faxed the contract to my credit union. That day the credit union overnight federal expressed the check to the dealership. T.J., Honda of Katyu2019s finance person, called my husband today, November 28, 2014, 15 days after they received the check from the credit union and said he had financed the car through Honda Finance because they had not received my credit unionu2019s check in time. I told him it had been overnight Federal Expressed to them on November 12. (the credit union has the Fed Ex delivery acknowledgement). Then, he said they had not cashed the check because the check was just under my name and not my husbandu2019s. Why is that our fault and why didnu2019t he call us when he received the check? I told him, the car we traded in was only under my name and I had filled out paperwork to get the car transferred to the dealership, they didnu2019t have a problem processing that paperwork with that being only under my name. I told him he had been given a copy of my driveru2019s license the first day we decided to buy the car and it showed only my name. How come they waited 15 days to tell us they were not cashing the credit unionu2019s check because it was only under my name? I told T.J. it was not our fault and I was returning the car because we had 30 days to change our mind and he said we couldnu2019t return the car. These people are a bunch of crooks. T.J probably gets some kind of kick back from Honda Financing.

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