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Report Filed: Hopcities.com The Joe E Group Smooth talker that can’t keep there word! West Palm Beach, , Florida!!

Fuschis Unlimited, Inc has a contract signed by them to handle their repair/custom work. I have never seen a company that comes up with more stories on why they can’t pay for work completed on there vehicles that they use in West Palm Beach for their operation to work. If it was not for us. They would not have a business to run like they do.It has been over 8 months now and we had to turn them over to an atty. for collection and that will be added to their bill along with court cost and judgement filing. They state that they run up to 4 businesses and that makes me wonder how the other companies that deal with them do business. I bet they require a 50% down before starting the job and balance when completed. Go to www.sunbiz.org and pull up The Joe E Group,LLC for the list of partners and see what other companies they are involved with before doing business with them. A former history teacher should know that history has a way of repeating itself. Smooth/fake talkers till it is time to pay the bill and then the stories start on why they can’t pay. I know first hand for the past 8 months trying to collect from them. Remember if they ask you to change things on their bills to their standards. That is their way of prolonging in paying you. I bet when they do a job. They require payment up front or half before doing business themselfs. I know they ask their customers to be paid infull before they put advertising on their shuttle cars in the city to pay their bills. Why can’t they give their business pratices back to people that do work for them? This falls under the freedom of speech and they are true facts to follow.

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