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Report Filed: Http:// & $48 RIPOFF for $1 Trial to download PD movies then charged by Ins Co. Promised To Pay But Never Did Internet, Pre-pd debit card would not confront!!

On 12/25/2004 I was charged $48 by NewHealthySavings on my pre-paid debit card (Wired Plastic). The night before I entered an agreement for a 30 day trial for $1 to download public domain movies using a program called Shareaza through I downloaded the program and tried to download a movie and nothing came up under any genre. I forgot about it and went to bed. The next day I saw the charge by accessing my account online and immediately emailed newhealthysavings regarding the charge as well as attempting to dispute the charge through my pre-paid mastercard. After the holidays I continued to send emails and was told by newhealthysavings (a prescription/health card company) that: “We only offer a 48 month term. We do not offer a $1 trial membership. No information is submitted or order is placed until our registration form is filled out in its entirety. The final step before any information is submitted is for the registrant to click the ‘Submit and Accept Terms’ button. This button is clearly labeled ‘Submit and Accept Terms’ and our terms are listed in their entirety on the very same page. These terms include the full billing information.”” Well

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