Hydrogen Assist Development

Hydrogen Assist Development Review

Report Filed: Hydrogen Assist Development – SafeHHO.com safehho Refused to honor guarantee, even after I followed their published policy Dundee, Michigan!!

I ordered 3 complete kits from Hydrogen Assist Development, or safehho.com. To date, I have not received but 1 kit and that kit does not have enough parts to do the install following the directions they sent.I have requested the missing parts for over a month, including the 2 missing kits.After a couple weeks, prior to the 14 day refund policy, I requested an RMA and a full refund. I have been completely ignored and not given an RMA nor a refund.Hydrogen Assist Development’s or safehho.com’s owner, Sean Drazin, and I have talked several times and he refuses to issue a refund for unknown reasons.I have called their number, left message after message and have not had a single call returned. I have sent many emails requesting the missing parts and now a full refund and no emails are being responded to.Sean Drazin, Hydrogen Assist Development or safehho.com appears to be a rip-off to me.

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