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Report Filed: In.Pro Car Wear, Inc. – IPCW OVER 40% DEFECTIVE IPCW LED TAILLIGHTS made in Indonesia by In.Pro Car Wear, Inc. Commerce California!!

After selling 150 sets of IPCW L.E.D. taillights by In.Pro Car Wear, Inc,. Our follow-up customer satisfaction survey showed over 40% of In. Pro Car Wear, Inc.L.E.D. aftermarket taillights were defective in the box or within 3 months of installation. These are aftermarket automotive brakelights that cannot be seen (mostly in the daytime) or just fail entirely and makes for an extremely dangerous and unsafe situation on U.S. highways that increases with every In.Pro Car Wear, Inc. IPCW L.E.D taillights set installed.The manufacturer, In.Pro Car Wear, Inc., uses heavy-handed intimidation to supress the constant stream of negative information from customers by eliminating accounts of their retail dealers who even dare to relay complaints about the fraud. Even their biggest customer, giant auto parts dealer J.C. Whitney, routinely deletes negative feedback about IPCW L.E.D. taillights by In.Pro Car Wear, Inc. because in a difficult economy they are acting like J.C GREEDY.Our business,, was put completely out of business by In.Pro Car Wear, Inc. after we invested eight years and $965,000 promoting their previous products online. We got upset becuase we were taking incredible customer abuse about DANGEROUS and UNSAFE In.Pro Car Wear, Inc. IPCW L.E.D. taillights that just came out 2-3 years ago and seemed to be failing at an incredibly high rate.We are now completely out of business yet In.Pro Car Wear, Inc. continues to angrily and arrogantly lash back at us with a lawsuit they filed in Los Angeles Superior Court (BC394618) AFTER we went out of business. They have spared no expense attempting to smother the truth of their despicable fraud from getting out. This Indonesian-owned company that has it’s own slave labor factory with locked-down $50-a-month employees living in virtual slavery does NOT give a goddamn if Americans die in car crashes from rear end collisions because of these f***ing In.Pro Car Wear, Inc. IPCW L.E.D. aftermarket taillights which are defect prone and dangerous products.Ipcw.ledtaillightsripoff San Gabriel, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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