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Report Filed: instaloan snellvilla ga stole all my belongings lilburn Georgia!!

Instaloan repoed my 3005 dodge magnum before it was 30 days late. I was told for new model cars they come and get them fast. Anyway I was told by tammy that it would be 700.00 dollars and some change to get my car back this included 1 month I owed 1 month in advanced and a 250.00 repo fee. I was told I had 10 days to pay or it would be auctioned. My payment was only 164.00 however I payed the 700.00 when I called to get my car Tammy was fired and I was told she applied the 250.00 to my account and I needed 250.00 more to get my car back. Well after 2months waiting on me to get up 250 more they called and told me my car would be auctioned I told them if my car was auctioned off I was going to sue them because I had 10 days to pay in which I did before it was auctioned. Well it had been 2 months they told me they had been through a host of GMs and DMs and they was unclear of the problem. Well the attorney must have scared them they called back and told me I can come get my car. When I received my car it had been ramshacked my cleaning supplies was stolen my two amps and everything else was stolen I am now about to get an attorney to sue them for my belongimgs and I will never use them again.

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