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Report Filed: International Claim Department sens me a check in letter, the check looked good i call the number deposit the check and it all a scam Ripoff Morriston canada!!

Friday after Nov.24,2006 Thanksgiving. I receive mail saying i won the De-Lotto Switerland Sweepstakes.Now you remind you I am broke than broke, I was so happy about is check. Call the number the answer machine is full. So i waited until Saturday to call back.I call them Saturday morning.The man on the other end said the check is good, go and deposit the check in your account then come back and call me and I’ll tell what to do next. In my heart i knew it was to real to be true.But I went on and deposit the check .Came back home and call the number back. The man one the after end,gave me instructions that sound something out of the movie. send a 2000 check to a Vivian Johns in Canada for United States taxes,via Western Union. Here is where i start thinking, why am I sending money up to Canada for taxes that meant for Unted States. After the phone call I called my bank but no answer.I know they put a hold on the check. I will follow up on it Monday and tell them that is all might be a scam. Emma POUGHKEEPSIE, New YorkU.S.A.

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