Report Filed: INVACARE selling a defective product Storm Arrow 3G Mississauga, Ontario Canada!!

Got my invacare Storm Arrow 3G in August 2012 and had immediate problems, my chair would slow down even on a full battery and sometimes even stop then go and it would take off without anyone touching the joystick. I had the service guy come, He reprogrammed my chair and told me that WiFi causes my chair to go out of control and it is a know flaw. One week later the chair is still slow and acting up but now the front wheels start falling off I call my service guy who tells me that’s strange, I buy tools to put the tires back on and all the service guy does it tell me to carry them with me. Two days later my chair starts roaring when drive and my cushion keeps sliding off the chair I call for help service says the front tires are defective and order new one and my chair had the wrong cushion. One day later my chair won’t make it up hills but service guy can’t find anything wrong. finally got new tires in October but chair is still junk.

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