Iowa Steaks Mooresville area

Iowa Steaks Mooresville area Review

Report Filed: Iowa Steaks Mooresville area The meat was old and some were turning green. The vacuum seal’s gone on most packs. Date on pack Feb 2011! This is end of Oct. Internet!!

Watch out for the green, out dated meat that the Iowa Meat Co. is going door to door selling. The packages are not vacuumed sealed good. The salesman will tell you anything to get you to buy right then to make you feel as if you are getting a good deal. We are disabled and told salesman we didn’t have the money to purchase anything. That wasn’t good enough for him. Needless to say, he left with $60.00 cash and a post dated check for right at $113.00. The box he put the meats in didn’t have a date on it, but he said the date was on the packages of meat. Well, when we got some out of the freezer we noticed it looked green. That’s when we looked for the date and it was 2-08-11! This is the end of October!! He told us this meat was fresh!! This is not my idea of fresh!! I got to checking the other meats and sure enough they were old too. The hamburger patties were brown. Now, it kind of makes sense as to why I was sick for a week!! We called our bank yesterday evening and had to pay, yet again, to put a stop on the check. They can give us our $60.00 + $31.00 stop check fee and come get their rotten meat or it will go to the dog..after it is cooked, of course, but then again, I don’t think I would do that to my dog!! If you are in my area, watch out for that truck with a man named James and a woman driving. Buyer Beware. My husband tried to call him about this and the lady answered and handed the phone to James and then this nice man hung up on my husband before any words were exchanged.

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