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Report Filed: ITT Specialists ITT Career used reverse psychology to get me to sign with their ridiculous scheme. St. George Utah!!

I had originally looked on the internet for positions to be able to work online. Then all of a sudden, someone called me and said that it looked like I was trying to find work online. I thought it was from the lst place that had contacted me. Somehow they got my name and it was all very confusing. I was stupid enough to pay a large amount down off of a credit card, then said I could finance the rest. I had a 30 min. session once a week with a coach telling me how to sell on eBay and Amazon. We never got to Amazon, because I had enough after 8 sessions, I was fed up and quit. I wasn’t able to make one penny and couldn’t find anything to have dropshipped where I would be able to make any money. Supposedly I would be able to make several hundred a month and that never happened. I tried to call and get out of this and they just laughed in my face. I was told that they might not take me and if that was the case, just say goodbye and think it would be for the best. But, instead I guess if they could get some sucker to say “OK”” then you got scammed. They make you think that you are lucky if you get picked to do this. Ten sessions with a coach is just a joke. It is a lot of money

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