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Report Filed: Ivgor, Inc Liliya Ivanenko, Scam, Rip Off, Unfair, Greedy, Liar Alpharetta, Georgia!!

Me and my Girlfriend signed a Lease with Liliya of Ivgor Inc. for (1) year at a townhouse in Chamblee, GA. I was promised a full refund of my $800.00 deposit as long as nothing was damaged. Upon Move-in the house was clearly not cleaned. The stove was filthy the Regridgerator was infested with roaches and needed an exterminator. I also found a used condom behind the toilet as I was cleaning. We throughly scrubbed down the entire house with bleach (literally) and replaced all the blinds, doorknobs, patched wall holes from doorknobs, and completely cleaned the house so that we’d be comfortable. The A/C used to leak all over the kitchen floor if it was on for more than an hour but instead of complaining I just rarely used it. I always paid rent on time and instead of bugging my Landlord I fixed everything myself. Upon Move out I knew the place would have to be clean to recieve my deposit back so I thoroughly swept, mopped, scrubbed and cleaned to where it was much cleaner than when I moved out. Here is what she sent me in the mail.”The damages found during the inspection at the conclusion of your occupancy and the balance remaining on your account exceeded your security deposit.””I thought

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