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Report Filed: Jake Auto Sales Anthony Bowers owner Scams customers out of there money and brakes laws doing it….. Vincennes, Indiana!!

My husband and I bought a jeep off (Jakes Auto ) yes, at times my husband was late on payments and got the truck repo a few times and of course he paid got it back. My husband went to jail and I called to see what the payments were and how far. Tony told me on a Friday I told him I would be in monday and have almost all the money to pay it off I was waiting on back pay from my husband unemployment. He said ok I got off work Saturday morning and got gas in the jeep since I had to be back to work at 3pm. I went to bed and woke up and he came repo the truck. So I called him and he was rude. I just thought whatever the more I got thinking about it I just had enough with all the bull. I called him back and told him I give up all rights to the Jeep. Well, about 3 days later my mother inlaw went and bought the same truck. He charged her the late payments and the repo charge from when, I bought the truck. He said the truck couldn’t leave intill it was paid infull. So she put a down payment or you can say my husband put the payment down. Then a week later they went back signed papers and left with the truck this was on 7/15/10. A few days ago he came to the door at 930pm and said my husband still owed 135.00 and was gonna repo the truck. To make a long story short no one knew where this 135.00 came from and the title was signed and lien was released. He came the next day and repo the truck out of our back yard I watched him and video taped some of it on my phone because he took his truck in my yard rammed it up the hill since it wouldn’t start then pushed it down the rd with his truck. After my husband went and talked to him he then said he owed 370.00 He didn’t give my husband the papers saying what he just paid for. We got the truck home and I told my husband call back and get a paper showing what all he just paid. Tony said he would have it tomorrow. We talked to the DMV and showed them the title to the jeep they called the AG and reported what happen since he already release the lien he couldn’t take the truck. He could took my mother inlaw to small claims court got 135.00 but, not take the truck not charge a repo fee and all the others. The truck does have same small damage to it when they rammed the front and the back. My husband went the next day to get the paper and he told him get off the lot or he was calling the police. I called him to find out what was going on and explained what the DMV just said and then he tried to say my husband signed it…I know that isn’t true because my husband didn’t even understand what it said the front of the title where it says release of lien holder plus all the paper work that he had signed all are the same. He wrote the date 7/15/10 on 4 different things and all the same. So for everyone I would stay away.

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