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Report Filed: James Chambers ripoff, thief, dishonest, criminal activity, cowardly, abuse to women Richland Hills Texas!!

I paid James Chambers close to 3000 dollars to rebuild a car. He gave me some difficulty writing the receipts I would asked for, however produced some of them. I never once argued about any amount of money he wanted on anypart of the work and never once tried to chew him down. I paid each time the amount of money he asked for, right when he asked for it. Towards the completion of the car, Mr Chambers told me to give him the money for the front bumper he was going to buy for the car 300, give him the money for the paint 150 and another 100 to install the bumper which I did. He then told me to return with the car about one week later when the painter would be ready to paint the car. He stated he had picked up the bumper already with the money I had gave him. This was in April of 2014. I continued to call at this point to bring the car back in and he avioded my calls. Refused to return my calls as I had gotten ahold of his wife 2 times and left messages multi times on the recorder. Towards the end of August, I finally left a message saying I was coming to pick up my bumber and that he needed to return the money for the instalation and paint. At this time, his wife calls me. She goes on to say, he never bought the bumper and they spent the money and they did not have the money to return. She then tells me that it was used on bills and food with no consideration that first of all, Its my money they just stole and second, Im a disabled single mother of two minors who is a crime victim trying to get through that case as well. The next day she calls and says she misunderstood and that the painter stole the bumper James took to get painted, yet she refused to give me the painter’s name. She then had the odasity to tell a crime victim for me to not pursue this guy and to basically stay out of their business, despite the fact they are saying this guy stole my bumper. So I went to Richland Hills PD to file a report. turns out that this guy cant legally even have this business at his house. They were sending the city mgnt out there and the beginning of the following week for investigation. No telling what they made up because this guy does work on all the cars out there, Ive seen it! RHPD did not make a report so I had to go to my attorney with legal shield. This Mr Chambers has put me under so much stress, worrying on how the car would pass inspection and not being really able to drive the car this entire time due to not able to get full coverage until the car is fixed. WHen I told his wife that Mr Chambers needed to deal with my friend Doug, that some of his money was loaned to me for this car, she said, Mr Chambers would not deal with a man. Only willing to abuse and steal from women I guess. And most of all, he still never will deal with this situation. He has made his wife handle me because he is too much of a coward to face what he has done and does not respect women enough to even give them his time to handle is poor and dishonest actionsx

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