James (Jim) Gillingham under Power-Builder's Inc and Gill Construction

James (Jim) Gillingham under Power-Builder's Inc and Gill Construction Review

Report Filed: James ,Jim, Gillingham under Power-Builder’s Inc and Gill Construction Contractor, Home Renovation – Keene, Ontario!!

Like it has been stated here the Gillingham family is at it again. It doesnt matter whether it is home owners or contractors; James (Jim) Gillingham doesnt differentiate. If there are people gullible enough hell take advantage of them. Unfortunately I fell victim to his frauds as well and have been taken by about $25,000.00. Its not much for some but it is a lot to me. He put my family through a lot and I wont be one to let him get away with it. I am suing him for damages as well as fraud with the intention to put him away for a while. I understand that he doesnt own any property and everything is put in his wife and kids trust funds. Although these funds might be recovered after many years of investigation, its not a certainty and definitely a long journey. My main goal is to get him on fraud charges by proving that what happened to me was not an isolated case but a pattern that hes been following since 2004. I am asking any of you that have been affected by James (Jim) or the Gillingham family, whether is Richard or other members of his family to help me take James to justice and prevent him and his family from hurting more families and contractors. Im asking for information, your moral support as well as statements which will help prove that he commits fraud on purpose. Youre also welcome to join me in this battle to form a class action suit which will be cheaper and have a lot more weight. Im already in contact with a few families and contractors he scammed over the years and we need more information and support. Please contact me with any information that might help build a strong case. My email address is in my information. Hope to hear from you.

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