James Shed NY Character and Fitness Dept

James Shed NY Character and Fitness Dept Review

Report Filed: James Shed NY Character and Fitness Dept Closeted Secretary of Character and Fitness James Shed involved in Rico Conspiracy and illegal acts committed by DDC Thugs New York, New York!!

James Shed head of character and fitness should be disbar for his role in the many frauds evidence links him to involving attorneys and attorney applications in NY’s First Dept .While at the DDC he had a very bad reputation which many employees complained about. Unfortunately his drunkard colleague attorney Sherry Cohen hid these reports from superiors and even went the extra step in covering up the fraud committed by James Shed by endorsing him to become Secretary of Character and fitness where he continues to break the law, com mitt fraud and let’s his closeted sexual perversions DICtate how he treats prospective attorney applicants- several of who voiced concerns about James Shed overtly sexual politics in making decisions about who gets admitted to the bar.As a government employee and licensed attorney has the obligation to conduct his personal business discreetly and his professional obligations impartially and by the book. Instead James Shed, his drunkard colleague Sherry Cohen of the DDC and the ever so stupid Alan Friedberg continue to conduct fraud as usual.Shed, Cohen and Friedberg have been named in countless complaints. The answer-let all three b**tards retire with a hefty severance package. Not a bad idea- giving them money-cause their gonna really need it for lawyers when the lawsuits start!

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