James underwood previous owner Hallowing Point Park

James underwood previous owner Hallowing Point Park Review

Report Filed: James underwood previous owner Hallowing Point Park Jsmes, Mr underwood Hallowing parks slump lord, Prince Frederick Maryland!!

I lived in Hallowing Point Park in 2005. was a young mom with son who was 10. Husband was away . We moved there our rent was $800 month. He said I could do anything I would like to decorate trailer to make look better. I had a 30ft cutty cabin boat trailored. I was told before I moved in a propane tank would be installed so I could cook and have hot water, he never put it in, though. My oldest son did, it had a window units when I moved in that never worked. My son also put them in for us, the parking lot would turn into a major pond everyone it rained floors sagged, water damage was visible after couple rain storms. I had two dogs for protection which he knew I had under control I leashed them when I took them out. Even kept them in fenced yard when I was there, I put fence up myself. When I missed a couple days late on rent he filed eviction stating my dogs weren’t kept within reasonable conttol. When Sheriff Evans came to do eviction he allowed Mr Underwood to hook up my boat and remove it instead of stopping him at the gate where he left rest of my belongs most of which he destroyed and he was allowed to continue to go wherever, he wanted galling my boat with him… anyone else would have been arrested for grand theft. Mr Underwood was best friends with Evans so was allowed to keep my boat. Mr Underwood and Mike Mona were supposedly better landlords than Mr Buckler. But it seemed everyday something else went wrong I would war for maintenence and never receive it. I don’t know if anything ever happened to either of them legally but I myself saw all the destruction they both were allowed to get away with.

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