JAX Wholesale Kitchens & baths

JAX Wholesale Kitchens & baths Review

Report Filed: JAX Wholesale Kitchens & baths Cary’s Wholesale Kitchens & Baths Professional Scammer, Beware! jacksonville Florida!!

This is a front/fraudulent business. The company is Jax Wholesale Kitchens and Baths. It is owned/managed by Cary Grimm and itu2019s address is 3218 Peach Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32246, phone 904-595-7137. If he has stolen your money or failed to do your project, call Department of Business & Profesional Regulations at 904-723-5814. If they get 4 or more complaints, they will file criminal charges! I contracted with this company to do a bathroom remodel project. They required a 50% deposit ($3,125) to hold the schedule and to order the materials. They scheduled me for Sept 4th. Then the day before they moved it to the 14th due to other scheduling issues. Then the 14th they did not show up or call. When I tried to track them down all day, they finally got back to me and said again they schedule issues and would get back to me. After a week without a new schedule, and several attempts to get in touch, I became suspicious and rechecked the BBB website. Now there were 2 complaints of similar situations of taking the deposit and either doing nothing like mine or doing the demo work and never doing the renovations. I then asked the company to deliver all the materials as they should have them on hand as they were prepared to start my work. After multiple attempts to contact, they finally agreed but again missed the 2 scheduled appointments to drop off the materials. After the second appoint they finally returned my email saying t they said received the wrong cabinet. They gave me the option to wait another 2 weeks or to refund my money. I opted for the refund. They sent a note saying I would receive a check via certified mail within 10 days. Not surprising, it never arrived. They fail to return calls or emails and are never at the business location. I have driven by there and have spoken to owner of the business next door. That gentleman asked me if he the kitchen guy did demo work and thatu2019s it or if he never showed up for anything! He also told me that there are several other consumers who come by looking for Cary as he has their money as well.

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