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Report Filed: Jeff Smith aka Smith Renovations Emailed me his resignation halfway thru kitchen remodel St. Louis Missouri!!

We hired Jeff to do a kitchen, living room, family room and foyer renovation. His contract specified half down up front and half at completion. From the outset, we had issues with the design and had to completely rework the original design. We did the design and Jeff helped with measurements. He made several comments about how he should be getting paid by our designer. First, he wasn’t going to pull any permits and planned on doing all electrical and plumbing work himself. We insisted on permits and licensed electricians and plumbers. The permits that he hadn’t planned for set the job back weeks. His electricians showed up an hour a day for a week. Jeff did nothing to protect our hardwood floors that we had finished in December last year. He said he would have a zip wall when we first met, but he only used cheap half done plastic sheeting. Drywall dust is everywhere and on all furniture in other rooms. Some of our electronics, including expensive audio receivers that were in a closet were ruined with drywall dust. When we asked Jeff about that, he said we should have removed it and wrapped it up. He never vacuumed when he left. He left my home a disaster every day and had no respect for the fact that we were living in the home with twin 3 year olds. He made decisions to place electrical for lighting where he decided our island would go, and his measurements were off, so we have to rewire. One of my electrical outlets is directly behind a burner on my range, so we’ll have to rewire that as well. On week 7, he showed up Monday for 20 minutes and informed us he wouldn’t be back until Thursday because he has another job he’s doing. Then Monday night at 10- he sends an email letting me know that he’s quitting the job unless we pay him the remaining balance in full. His reasoning was because he spoke to a former contractor who also ripped us off and who we told him about when we first hired him. He said the contractor told him that I, as a lawyer, used my “legal knowledge”” not to pay him. I tried to call him and sent him an email asking him to call me. My house is in shambles

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