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Report Filed: Jesse Keenan Simply Vegas Real Estate I was hired to find names and numbers of foreclosure and didnt get paid. I also was hired to work on homes that Jesse was selling and going to sell Las Vegas Nevada!!

I worked for Mr. Jesse Keenan who is a realtor with simply Vegas 2 seperate occasions. The first time he hired me to look up peoples info online that were in foreclosure or going to be. I was never paid for a entire list of names that he needed asap. I stayed up all night doing it so he would have them the very next morning and i necer got paid. The second time was for 7 days of home remodeling and construction on several properties Mr Keenan was going to sell. I had permission from him to stay at the one property while i worked on it and others. I worked my a*s of for that guy and when pay day came which didnt include hours that i worked on the house i was staying in. He informed me that i had not worked that many hours and he was not going to pay me. He became verbally abusive on one occasion before and has been ever since pay day. He has ignored my calls and refuses to pay me for the work i did.

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