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Report Filed: Jim Brown Automotive Tampa Forever Transmission Warranty Tampa Florida!!

I purchased a Warranty Forever when I bought a Dodge Ram 3500 Truck in April of 2015 from Jim Brown. I was told that once I maintained the truck that the warranty would be honored. I use my truck to deliver boat trailers in different states. I worked at Jim Brown Tampa as a mechanic for approximately 3 years before I left to start working hauling boats. I am a disabled Army Vet with a very bad back and I could no longer function as a mechanic because of severe pain. I had most of my services done at Jim Brown and a few others were done at a different dealership. I have always made it a priority to maintain my truck. I went to the dealership last week and I was told that once I provided proof of having my services done that my truck would be repaired. I provided all of the required proof of service to the dealership service dept. I left the truck overnight and the next day I was told that the Warranty Forever Company denied my claim to fix the truck because I did not obtain permission to have my truck serviced at a different location. They are refusing to cover the transmission repair which costs approximately $7,000.00. I am an honest person and if I did not hold up my end of the deal and maintained my truck then I would say it is on me. I painstakingly maintained my truck because this is how I support my family. I am losing income because I can’t haul with a broken truck. I am disgusted by their deception. I was never told that I have to have permission from the Forever Warranty company to have my truck serviced at a different location. It is their way of defrauding a customer. I simply want them to uphold their end of the agreement and fix my truck.

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