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Report Filed: Joe Lieberman/Mechanical Mr Lieberman is a a scam artist,he received an engine from Rotaxrick in perfect condition. he then took the engine apart messed with the jetting . Silverdale Washington!!

Joe Lieberman slandering and posing on the internet under Rotaxrick. This is a scam artist trying to get 6500.00 out of Rotaxrick. Rick did his engine sent it back …Mr Lieberman took the engine apart and messed with the jetting. He is NOT an aircraft mechanic he is a person trying to get money as he did in the past He then takes pictures of a bogus engine and is slandering a man who has over 30 years of experience in flying helicopters and cropdusters also maintaining those aircraft under FAA regulations. The engine was delivered perfectly UNTIL Mr Lieberman took it upon himself to mess with Jetting. He is a scam artist.

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