Joshua Joiner Is a Scammer

Joshua Joiner Is a Scammer Review

Report Filed: Joshua Joiner Is a Scammer Joshua Joiner promised me $10,000 in 30 days and 4 corners Internet!!

Joshua Joiner had me join his 4 corners guaranteed $10,000 to $90,000 in under 30 days and after 30 days I made a lousy $16 that the company won’t even pay me on. It ain’t over until we see justice. Maybe I’m wasting my time. But no one crosses my path, or screws me and gets away with it. Whether it be a few hundred dollars or even a penny. I don’t let any man treat me lower. His past will come back to bite him. Rest assure. Karma’s a b****, especially with the U.S. Judicial system. Will keep everyone posted as I get more new news. Stay tune for the next 6 months. Maybe even sooner. Or you can follow him on Facebook and watch his lifestyle. When the hammer hits, there won’t be any status updates. I already got news that his past company that terminated him has a private non puplic peding defamation lawsuit investagation on him for publically sharing peoples private messages, flasifying them, and making self incriminating videos. And his old partner blew the whilsle on him also for photo shopping all his results. He lives in a apartment and uses the comunity club house as his office and tells everyone that it is in his house. See here Joshua Joiner Online Scammer. Click on this picture to block him from your facebook.

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