JUST BRAKES #305 Review

Report Filed: JUST BRAKES #305 LIE CHEAT & STEAL! JUST BRAKES ripoff scam Riverdale Georgia!!

On June 16,2002 I went to Just Brakes on 76333 Highway 85, Riverdale, GA 30274 to have my Brakes checked. The serviceman had the Manager explain to me what was wrong with the car. I was told that I needed my Brakes Fixed, Calipers, Return Springs, and Disc Hardware replaced. When I asked the service man that was working on my car what did all the above mean/ done …he could not even explain it…he had to have another serviceman explain it. I have a 98 Honda Accord, 4 door sedan. When taking to the other ladies in the shop.. we noticed that there were others that also needed the same work. I spoke to someone in the shop that informed me that Just Brakes were up to the same old treats and I did not need the Calipers, Return Spring, and Disc Hardware replaced.I had my brakes done. This brings me to Saturday, Oct. 18, 2002. I Went back to Just Brakes, #305, and spoke with Flix (Asst. Manager). Without looking at my car he searched and found my receipt and got a calculater and began calculating the total of 290.00. Each minute that past he added on another cost. I sat in my car, and thought to myself that something was not right. So I told Mr. Flix I would be back and went to PepBoys. After a couple of hours my car was pulled to the back. Without letting PepBoys Know what was going on I had them look at my brakes. The result were that my Calipes, Master Cylinder, Brake hose, Power Booster Check Valve, and Bearings were all Fine. They did all the work infront of me at my request from the start. The read my brakes (that were just put on) as remaining LF-.124, RF-.093,LR.186, and RR.186. This is a car I only drive on weekends. Once I told them they said they had never say anything like this in 4 months and questioned where the work was done. Pep Boys fixed my Brakes. Having no confidence in any auto repair shop I took my car to the Honda Dealership.. where I was told by the Assist Manager that my Brakes were fine including the Calipers, rotors and all brake FINE Desired Settlement: Refund Settlement Explanation: I would like the total amt for my Brakes to be refunded: Just Brakes: $106.90 Pep Boys: $88.34 Total: $195.24 The above amount includes the work done at Just Brakes, and Pep Boys. This does not even include the time that I had to spend away from work to get my brakes replaced. 1 ..I would like to have some acknowledgement of the services rendered to me and the poor customer service given to me by the AM Flix. 2 ..Corporate Office to review work done at this shop. Customer Service Rep: Mr. Willie Baldwin Product or Service: New Brakes Model Number: Account Number: Order Number: Salesperson: Mr. E5 Service Rep Payment Made: Yes Purchase Price: 107 Disputed Amount: 195 Payment Method: Credit Card Purchase Date: 6/16/2002 Problem Date: Complaint Dates: 10/18/2002,10/19/2002, 10/21/2002,10/22/02 I want my money back and I want the rest of the consumers to know that THEY ARE A RIPOFF Amy Riverdale, Georgia

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