Just Brakes-with Mutt And Jeff

Just Brakes-with Mutt And Jeff Review

Report Filed: Just Brakes – Northpark Drive, Kingwood Just Brakes with Mutt And Jeff Ripoff Deceptive Selling and Unsatisfactory Customer Service Kingwood Texas!!

My story is similiar to many I’ve read on here. I hope that someone reads these and benefits. I certainly hope those of you who have reported to www.badbusinessbureau.com also make a report to the Better Business Bureau. Of course, my breaks were making a slight grinding sign, a notification that my pads had worn down to the metal. The initial $99.98 special that Just Brakes advertises sounds enticing. (Note to self: What seems to good to be true usually is.) Well, after the Just Brakes boys in Kingwood observed my brakes, they determined that there was over $500 worth of work needed. and YES, i too was informed that it was essential to do all this work to ensure that my brakes always work properly. I was also given a scarey story and shown a picture of a man’s car that had wrecked due to break problems after not following the advice of the Kingwood Just Brakes. I was told that my roter was burned up and could not be cut because I’d “ruin”” their machine. I bought a new roter. More drama played out as I was informed that my calipers needed to be rebuilt. This is

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