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Report Filed: Kaplan Univerisity Washington Post Once you sign up for a class, you mean nothing. Internet!!

I am currently enrolled in Kaplan online university. I am currently in a class (Composition I) with an instructor that has no idea how to use the online education environment. She teaches most days at a land based college in her local town. When students are out sick they are supposed to be able to go back and review the weekly seminar. The teacher is also supposed to post a link to this seminar in the announcements section of the online class room. If you were to miss a seminar the standard procedure is to go back and review this seminar and take a quiz to make up for missing it. This teacher has failed to record one seminar yet and students are failing because of it (Not myself, I’ll get to why I’m filing this report later). The teacher is too busy with her land based school, to answer emails, or even answer questions on the class questions discussion board. Yet she chats away in the student lounge every single day. So here is my problem. I attempted to file a complaint with my education adviser at the end of week one, and instead of letting me drop and add another class my education adviser insisted I give it another week. So week two rolls around (week one is the last week you can drop and add another class), and the professor fails to post another seminar, and doesn’t answer any of the questions the class has on the subject. So once again, I contact the only contact I have, my education adviser, who politely says I’ll investigate what we can do but you should give it another week. So halfway through the week I email my education adviser once again. She tells me she will forward this to her manager. So I wait four more days, and at the end of week two, I contact her once again and inform her that this is unacceptable and I’m going to start doing my research into how to file a complaint with the accreditation board. She responds back with a form that says her manager is out of the office and got back three days ago. I’m not sure how that is relevant as it says her manager is already back. So Monday, two days before the third week ends (The last time you can drop a class, which I can’t do anyways without losing my federal student aid as it would drop me below the limit of credit hours to continue receiving it), I make a call to the main office. I’m transferred three times, and get the same lady back (She was just trying to dump the problem on someone else), before she is successful in getting me to someone who can “help””. So I’m now speaking to a manager in the IT and Business department. Who quite politely informs me that any route I take is too late. I can file a complaint on the teacher (Which won’t be reviewed until nothing can be done and the nearly $2000 I’m paying for this term is lost)

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