Katarina Phang

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Report Filed: Katarina Phang Scammer and Hustler!!

Katarina Phang gives off the appearance of a very successful dating coach however she is far from that! First off her name isnu2019t even Katarina lol and Joe her so called boyfriend is employed by her. I came to her a few years ago desperately wanting to get a man that didnu2019t want me and used her coaching. It wasnu2019t until my last relationship fell apart while using her method that I discovered that itu2019s pointless. Thankfully i didnu2019t pay thousands of dollars for her cockamania audios and get scammed out of money like other women did. I found a way around her website to obtain the audio for free and sold it to my other girlfriends lol. You canu2019t scam a scammer

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