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Report Filed: Katherine finney [email protected] Finish scam artist, thief, 100’s of listings on CRAIGSLIST, PANDAHI, JLAFORUMS, PayPal My Cash Cards, EBay fake Internet nation!!

This person posts ads all over the internet on sites like pandahi.com, claz.com, jlaforums.com, craigslist.com, azcate.com, I’m sure there are more. They use the email [email protected] They have scammed me for $2000.00 for a 2006 Toyota Tacoma using a faked eBay Buyers Protection Service as a third party making the deal feel safe. They will ask you to pay by PayPal My Cash vouchers then request photos of the cards and the receipt for the purchase of them through “eBay””. All forms look very real and provide a sense of security until you pay and are waiting for your vehicle delivery THEN They request insurance fees or delivery fees the next day. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PERSON. I have filed police reports

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