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Report Filed: Katie Pegler Copyright Infringement & Pirating Costa Mesa, California Internet!!

The DMCA recognizes that Katherine Pegler has pirated or otherwise unlawfully infringed upon the copyright of the Twilight Movie Franchise in no less than 121 cases. Ms. Pegler has used the series unlawfully across a spectrum of internet mediums, an infringement of the Lionsgate tradename. Let it be known that DMCA stands by these allegations as can be viewed here in our notice to Google: https://www.chillingeffects.org/notices/1901061# In response to this infringement Ms. Pegler is asked to remove any and all Twilight Sage Franchise illegal downloads from her computer(s), any illegal uploads to any online outlets and any credit she may suggest she shares with Lionsgate. File catches done by DMCA have located downloads, uploads, links, illegal embedding and other illegal misuse of images and video from the Twilight Saga Franchise from Ms. Katie Pegler’s IP address in Costa Mesa, California and will no longer tolerate the misuse or misrepresentation of the Twilight Sage Franchise for personal or business use on the part of Ms. Pegler or any other relation under the same IP address. Immediate legal action will be taken within no less than 60 days under DMCA without cooperation from Ms. Peglar. DMCA custodian Margaret Ledger can be contacted here for further details of the infringements and/or for details of copyright law as is dicated by the United States Federal Government and the FBI.

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