Keith McConnell

Keith McConnell Review

Report Filed: Keith McConnell Posted fake apartment rental ads on craigslist, demands wire transfer payment without showing unit Internet!!

I got in contact with this person based on a Craiglist list ad they posted for an apartment that was available for rent. The unit and price was great and looked almost too good to be true. After a few back and forth emails it became apparent then somethign was not right, as all “Keith”” wanted to do was reiterate how many other people wanted the unit and that I would need to send a deposit immediately to secure it. I repeatedly asked to see the unit but “”Keith”” has a number of excuses as to why that woudln’t be possible for atleast 4 weeks. At this point I recognized the scam and reported the ad on Craigslist. Almost immediately I noticed “”Keith”” posted another ad at a different address using the same pictures as the other ad. I then googled the phone number that was provided and several Scam reports popped up from other people who had actaully sent money to them. Don’t be fooled!!”

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